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Manage your customer profile effectively

Updated On:15-July-2015

Are you into ecommerce? Then it is necessary for you know the importance of customer database. As you have an ecommerce platform you will be collecting and maintaining your customer profile in a specific way. But in the current ecommerce trends you are supposed to follow progressive profiling which will help you to attract the visitors.

When you collect information from the customers to fill the profile make sure that you get the appropriate data. Don’t make the registration method complicated rather use smart fields in the form through which you can gather the correct data. Prefer technical experts to develop and design the forms in a way that is easy for the user to make use of it.

Give proper guidelines either by using pictorial representation or videos to add the details in the registration form. When the user gets the perfect guidance to use your platform they will be motivated to provide the details. Validate the email address while filling the form to prevent them entering the wrong one and help them to correct that immediately if they had done it by mistake.

Short forms are preferred by many so keep the relevant questions first. It will enable to increase the conversion rates and provide better experience for the visitor. You can get detailed information from them when they become familiar to the platform. You are supposed to optimize the acknowledgement boxes with the proper and capturing messages.

When you receive the appropriate details from the customers it will be easier for you to manage their database. So, make the profile filling options easier, user friendly and validate them at the right time. This will make the customers feel that they are engaged with the platform.


Comment by  Madhu ranjani   Updated on 30-09-2015
"Dealing with Customers is a vital thing,that qualifies a particular Online store."
Comment by  chandru sharma   Updated on 26-08-2015
"we need to consider how we communicate with customers and satisfy their is more challenging in the E-commerce business "
Comment by  Merlin   Updated on 13-08-2015
"Getting correct details from the customers is important for progressive profiling in ecommerce portal."
Comment by  Avanthika   Updated on 18-07-2015
"Customers are most important for business growth. So managing a customer profile is must to continue the growth and success of the business."
Comment by  jack   Updated on 18-07-2015
"Managing a customer profile is a key fact in the user friendliness of a website .Well portrayed. "
Comment by  Evelyn   Updated on 18-07-2015
"Great explanation.... The matter that you have shared will definitely useful for online business people to manage their customers...."