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Is SSL certificate important for an ecommerce website?

Updated On:21-April-2016

Nowadays people prefer to shop online than physical store as it is convenient for them and saves their precious time. Shopping trends have changed and which has led to the emergence of numerous ecommerce websites. But still many people are afraid of online shopping due to lack of trust on its security. Online shoppers want their sensitive data to be safe and secure while they purchase online.

Do you own an ecommerce website?

Then it is an essential factor for you to ensure your customers that the information received from them is protected. For this you need to obtain Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificate.

Now you may ask a question

Is it essential to obtain SSL certificate for my ecommerce website?

The answer would definitely be yes, as ecommerce website is a platform where sensitive information is shared while buying a product. SSL certificate enables you to handle the sensitive data provided by the customers.

Benefits of SSL certificate for an ecommerce website:-

Encrypts and decrypts messages sent between the browser and server which cannot be read by any malware or virus. The strength of the certificate is dependent on the length of key provided by the encryption.

Provides authentication as server certificate is provided along with the SSL certificate. It ensures the online shoppers that the certificate is trusted one as they will be able to validate the certificate.

Properly encrypted SSL certificate enables you to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards while accepting payments in your website.

The certificate protects against phishing through which hackers steal sensitive information of the customers such as username, password and payment details.

Branded icons that are provided by SSL certificate improve the trust of the customers on the website.

A secured website address will start with https instead of http. The address bar will turn green and the clicking on the lock icon in the address bar will show the name and the address of website owner if your website has an extended validation certificate on it.

These things will enable the customers perform online transactions safely on your ecommerce website. What are you waiting for? Secure your ecommerce website with SSL certificate.