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Importance of Product Catalog Management in E-commerce

Updated On:03-August-2016

Product catalog management is the key to success of any e-commerce platform. It is an important component of any online business that plays a critical role in making a customer-friendly online store. You simply cannot afford to ignore product catalog management as it forms the backbone of any online store. For instance, if you’re online catalog is not easy to browse, your ecommerce store is unlikely to attract customers. On the other hand, proper catalog management can help turn your ecommerce store into an ecommerce success. 

Benefits of Product Catalog Management :

Product catalog management is an important aspect of any ecommerce store. You can use product catalog software to efficiently manage your product catalog data. Following are the advantages of efficient product catalog management.

Well-organized Catalog :

One major drawback of an E-commerce platform is that prospective customers are unable to touch the product before buying it. This lack of sensory experience in any online store can be compensated by providing in-depth information about products that are being sold on e-stores. So your e-store should provide detail description of products including images. All this information about products should be properly organized so that the customer can easily navigate through the website and easily search for the product he is looking for. This is critical to streamline navigation for your customers. The product catalog needs to be presented in such a way that it allows customers to navigate and search the product as fast as possible.

Helps Increase Revenue Dramatically :

Aggressive upselling and cross-selling strategies is another aspect of product catalog management. Your product catalog should offer upsell and cross-sell capabilities, which are considered to be the biggest revenue growth opportunities. 

Good Viewing Choices :

Your online product catalog should be able to illustrate products in the most visually appealing manner. Using your product catalog, you got to display products in a way that allows customers to give a close up view of the product, thereby giving a better feel of the product. Adding the zoom-in functionality to your product catalog can enable your customers to inspect your product images in greater detail.

Know Product Availability in Real Time :

Nothing is more frustrating to the customer than getting wrong information about the availability of the product. If your online catalog is showing products that are not available in real time, it is obvious that your inventory management is not up to the mark. You need to keep track of inventory in real time so that any changes in stock are automatically updated in the catalog. In other words, the online catalog should be updated as and when the inventory changes. Other updates such as product pricing changes should also be correctly reflected in the product catalog.

There are various E-commerce catalog management tools to handle online catalog as effectively as possible. On the whole, if you want to handle your prospective customers as gracefully as possible, you simply cannot overlook the task of managing your ecommerce catalog. A well-organized product catalog is sure to keep the new and existing customers engaged.

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