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How to Shop online safely?

Updated On:13-June-2015

In today’s busy world, people prefer to make their purchase online but many have a doubt whether the online transaction is a secure or not.

Are you aware of the security procedures? If you know it’s well and good but if not, don’t worry!!! Here is the complete solution for you.

For your information I would like to say that the security measures have been advanced and the best method of shopping is to shop online.Here are few tips to make your online shopping experience safe and secure. Follow these basic rules and shop online confidently.

It is good to make use of the websites that you are familiar with but if you are not able to recognize the online retailer then check for the contact details and location. Do a complete research and look for consumer review and complaints to check the status of the company. Read privacy policy of website clearly to know about the usage of the information you provide.

Keep the device that you are using for making online payment updated and often scan it to check viruses. Ensure that you use private connection while shopping online but if not then use the trusted Virtual Private Connection (VPN). Make use of online fraud protected credit cards.

It is better to use payment method with buyer protection where you can request for chargeback. So, make sure that the website has secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption before using your credit card to shop online. Install a phishing filter that detects the fraudulent sites.

Never ever send your credit card detail via online source or provide your security code to the online retailer. Share your credit card details only after confirming the payment details, additional costs, guarantee, delivery methods and refunding procedures in case of damage.

Before sending the amount check the information you have entered. After you finish the online payment have a copy of the purchasing details. Check electronic statements of credit cards to avoid fraudulent charges.

By keeping these security measures in mind you can minimize the risk and enjoy your shopping online.


Comment by  chandru sharma   Updated on 13-08-2015
"Now a days online shopping is moving fast and also safety shopping is challenging one in e-commerce "