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How to set up Logistics for E-commerce?

Updated On:09-May-2016

Logistics are a vital part of any e-commerce business operations. Let us see how to set up logistics for Ecommerce.


Sellers and Buyers - The sellers are the major part in the logistics of an E-commerce. They play a vital role in influencing the buyers. This is a fact that many buyers are online 24*7 and it is very easy to get connected with them.

Location Flexibility :- The location is also a major factor. It differs from one business to the business. The small online sellers may use their own house as their warehouse but as in the case of large scale business , they go for agencies or a hub.

Connection to the supply chain:- The connection to the supply chain may differ from a location to location. If a product is available in the local hub , the customer can get it easily. If it is to be transferred via the near by hub, it has to be equipped with the available mode of transport like land, water or sea. Thus, the connection supply chain varies accordingly.

Tracking:- The main system goes here. Tracking is one of the major process involved in the logistics. When we go for online shopping, there are many facts that the product is delayed. Meanwhile, we can track the products where it is held actually . This means that there should be a perfect tracking system to check where the product is placed and now. This will make the customer check their product status by themselves till the product is received in hand.
Thus, we have seen about the process of how to set up the logistics for an Ecommerce business.