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How to optimize your product landing pages?

Updated On:02-May-2016

Are you into E-commerce? 

Do you want to increase your conversion rates? 

Then, this is the right time for you to hook out with the essential tips.
 How to optimize your product landing pages?

The Product landing pages is one of the important factors for you to increase the conversion rates in your E-commerce Business. 

Fix a High Definition and Quality Images of your products:- 

Always use a High Definition and High Quality Images of your products. This will attract the users and the viewers. Because, in the online shopping we are allowed to see only the images and it should be crystal clear. 

Use multiple angles in an image so that the user can get a clear idea on the look and feel of the product. 

Fix a Zooming option:- 

It is brilliant to fix a zooming option for your products so that the users can view the product very clearly. This is very applicable as in the case of jewelleries, watches and accessories. 

Increase the trust and user reviews:- 

Encourage the trust and the confidence of the customer. Get his/her valuable feedback and review about the product. It will definitely help you to get more customers for your e-commerce website. 

Use wishlists:- 

Use wishlist in your product page, so that the users can add the products in a wish list and decide later. Make sure there is a difference between ADD to CART and WISHLIST. Wishlist is something that expresses the desire for the product. 

Do not hide out of stock products:-

If the product is out of stock, Do not hide it. Showcase the product and mention it OUT OF STOCK. It will influence the sales of your business directly and indirectly. Ensure that the Email notification is send to the customer once the product is available. 

Use live Chat:- 

It is advisable to use live chat option in your product page and wherever needed. This will enable the users to get the clarifications cleared anywhere at any time. 

Use product Videos:- 

Use one or more product videos which will attract the users and the viewers. If you are not done with in it, have a trial on this and resume if it works for your e-commerce website especially the product page. 

Note: - The tips that are mentioned above are based on the general concepts and the result may vary for different types of products.