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How to drive e-commerce product reviews?

Updated On:13-July-2016

E-commerce players are increasing day by day with the people’s preference to shop more online. Driving reviews of the customers for products has become important for the e-commerce websites as it will in turn increase up to 18% sales of those products. Customers reviews are important for the products as they are social proof for the same. We can say that they are similar to the word-of-mouth of customers that helps online shoppers to make a purchase decision on the products.

Marissa Petteruti, marketer in Klaviyo has given some steps for encouraging customers to write product reviews. Let’s have a look on it.

Just Ask:-

You can ask customers to write review for the products that they have purchased by means of post-purchase emails as it is a direct method to generate customer reviews. It enables you to communicate with your customers and do so after a week’s time after purchase.

Request your customers to share their buying experience as a feedback or suggestions. Include a photo of the product they purchased, provide direct link to your reviews page in your main Call to action (CTA) and you can also give star rating system for making the review process easier for customers.

Leverage your social networks:-

Make use of social networks such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and pinterest to encourage the customers to write review for the recently purchased products. This will be effective when your social media accounts have more number of followers.


To incentivize your customers to write reviews, you can offer certain incentives for their reviews. Run a contest and give prizes to the customers for their reviewing the product. Feature the best reviews by displaying them on the main places of your website which will be a acknowledgment for their contribution. Reward the customers for their reviews by means of offering free gifts, discounts etc..,

Get testimonials from influencers:-

Engage with famous industry leaders, celebrities, influencers such as website or publications and organizations in your field to endorse your product with their reviews and if those influencers have huge followers in their social media accounts ask them to feature your product over there. For this you have do something in exchange like giving a product for free, mentioning them in your website etc.., Influencers review will encourage many people to write product reviews.

Be transparent:-

There are possibilities for you to receive negative reviews for the products. Never try to hide them instead respond to those reviews and ensure them that you are responsive to their concerns. Negative reviews from customers will help you to improve experience of the customers and correct the things so that it will not happen in the future.

As customers will not be able to touch or feel the products before they buy, customer review for products is the best way to enable the customers to take a perfect purchase decision. So make customer review an option for all the products in your website.

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