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How to Dominate eCommerce with Marketing Automation ?

Updated On:21-September-2016

Marketing tools are great. They can help you get better results for less money on a regular basis. Unfortunately, putting in the effort can be more than you can handle. But with marketing automation, you can deliver huge results with the latest features. It helps you commit to your marketing campaign while focusing on other things. And when it comes to ecommerce, nothing gets the job done better.

When running an ecommerce business, everything boils down to sales.You could spend all your time drawing consumers into your sales funnel and easily lose them during checkout.

You Haven’t Lost the Sale Yet

Some people have no intention of buying what’s in their virtual shopping cart. And some aren’t ready to buy just yet. They may be waiting for a sale or maybe they don’t get paid until Friday. Maybe they are checking on shipping prices or maybe they’re researching who has the best deals. The point is, there are a number of different reasons why people abandon their shopping carts, and it’s your responsibility to attract all of them.

You can forget about these customers and focus on trying to lure new consumers into your sales funnel. Or you can try to recapture these sales with an abandoned cart checkout strategy. Retailer Thousands of dollars worth of sales could be saved using a very simple system to reach out to these customers. 

Abandoned Cart Support

Nothing in marketing matters unless it leads to a sale. You can have an amazing lead nurturing system, but it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t increase your bottom line. Get Response suggests sending two cart abandonment emails. When retailer Dot & Bo revamped their cart abandonment emails, they achieved a 400% lift. One of MailChimp’s email templates helped to recover 4,000 sales for one company. That is a lot of sales.

This is exactly why ecommerce support is one of the most crucial elements in marketing automation. And it’s not difficult to set up an abandoned shopping cart process.

You Have Nothing to Lose

The idea of not having an abandoned shopping cart strategy is like throwing money out the window. We know these customers are interested in your products. They wouldn’t be looking at your site if they didn’t like your stuff. Don’t give up on them just because they lost focus during the checkout process.

Most marketing automation is designed to attract customers that haven’t even heard of your company. Ecommerce has a built in method to attract people you know are interested. Don’t miss out on them.

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