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How to boost Your Ecommerce with Email Marketing?

Updated On:03-June-2016

Email Marketing is one of the best Marketing campaigns as in the case of digital marketing. It is a great tool for building a good relationship with your target audience and convert them in to customers.

The main thing here is that you should get good business leads and this can be done only with the excellent content delivery and good quality products and services. A report says there is an average ROI of $38 for every $1.

How to prepare a effective Email campaign?

The major things we have to concentrate while preparing for a Email campaign is to concentrate more on the subject of the E-mail. The subject should be catchy and meaningful. Make a good graphical image with HD quality to get attention from the users.

Don’t use a spam content like promotional and violation content as it would get your email dropped in Spam list. Eg:- Free, offer, discount etc...

Make sure you are sending that E-mail in the working or business hours.

Don’t send frivolous E-mails with unnecessary content so that you may loose the interest of your customer.

Don’t give up. There is a probability that only 1/3rd or 1/4th of the E-mails will turn into business leads. Be regular in sending E-mails and do the changes if needed.

Choose Your Target Audience:-

You should be very keen in choosing your target audience. Select a list of business people, companies etc... which is exclusive for your business and industry.

Select a best E-mail marketing platform:-

There are many E-mail marketing service providers available in the Industry. You can choose a best one that suits your plans and pricing, but make sure it has the three basic things like the user friendly templates, customization options, the ability to create segmented and integrated mailing lists.

Try few packages for a trial and stick on to a best one that suits your industry.

Make it Easy to Subscribe:-

Don’t loose a customer by making it difficult for a customer to subscribe. Make the options as easy as it is. Don’t ask more details and make it simple with the name & email id. Make other details as optional. The important thing is get a list of people engaged to read your content and they should get in to your website. If a person unsubscribed, don’t disturb them again and it is appreciable to get a feedback from them of needed.

Tracking your mail status:-

One of the best option is that you can get a track report of your sent mails and their responses in E-mail Marketing.

Last but not the least never get fed up if you didn’t get results for e-mail campaign immediately. Never lose hope keep on doing the same for getting better results.