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How important is SEO for your online store?

Updated On:14-October-2015

Optimizing your online store is very important as many have started bringing their retail business online. With the increase in the number of online users, I can say that without SEO you cannot obtain viewers for your Ecommerce store. In simple terms SEO enables your online store to become search engine friendly by bringing it on the top of the search results.

Search Engine Optimization helps you to drive more visitor’s traffic to your online store as users consider the top suggestions in the results pages (SERPs). If you want the attention of prospective customers and gain their trusts then frame search terms /keywords according to their perception. Keep in mind that you can see hike in sales rate and generate revenue only when you get huge number of visitors for your online store.

Follow the following steps in order to optimize your online store preferable by the search engines:-

1) Make your all internal links to point out the same domain.

2) Use 301 redirecting properly.

3) Make the main link pages to indicate your

4) Select an appropriate domain name based on your business.

5) Make sure that your online is fully responsive and mobile user friendly.

6) Choose unique title, keywords and descriptions for your every page.

7) Make keywords based URL for all the products.

8) All product images should be optimized properly.

9) Integrate Google map in your contact us page. It will help the customer to identify your business location.

10) Make sure that your content is unique for every page and products.

11) Use site map for your online store to convey your pages to the search engine.

12) Get many internal links from various directories.

13) Enable popular social networking buttons such as Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest for sharing corresponding page and products.

14) Create social media profile for your store and add it in the footer or wherever you want.

15) Set Google analytics and web master tool for your online store.

Only if you make the proper SEO for your online store you can win in this competitive world as it is the backbone for your business. Usage of your E-store, user experience and trust can be obtained when you use SEO effectively. It will enable the search engines to give higher rankings for your online store which fulfills the purpose of your business.


Comment by  Jenna   Updated on 11-02-2016
"Thanks for providing the list of items to optimize! I've put together a list which details a few of them out more. You can check out the article here:"
Comment by  Jayanthi   Updated on 24-10-2015
"As in the article prescribed SEO is essential to promote the business in online. This article explains how seo is essential? its quite informative."
Comment by  chandru sharma   Updated on 21-10-2015
"SEO is the Energetic role for getting online presence ease and pick a more leads through it."
Comment by  Jeny   Updated on 21-10-2015
"Nice article!!! Explaining the role of SEO in business promotion. Online Store needs better reach among the targeted customers for that SEO is essential."
Comment by  Madhuranjani   Updated on 17-10-2015
"Every E_retailers wants to grow & establish their business worldwide,for that promotion and digital marketing is a key to boost & the way to rise customers."
Comment by  Evelyn   Updated on 29-07-2015
"yeah correctly said... Content plays an important role in business success. So, make a content that attract customers..."