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Ecommerce Challenges

Updated On:03-October-2015

Running an ecommerce business is advantageous in many aspects but still it encounters many challenges. Ecommerce sector is growing at a rapid phase making retail transaction easier than ever before. Despite of its comfort and flexibility online retailers face many challenges in their business and find it difficult to make their survival in this competitive world.

The major drawback in this mode of transaction is that there is no direct communication between the seller and buyer as the dealing takes place in an electronic medium, it is a big challenge for retailer to attract customer towards their business. Though the platform offers customized service customer still hesitates as there is no personal identity.

Ecommerce sites fails to redirect customers on right path in spite of having attractive and professional business website. Poor website affects business creditability which again becomes a challenge to etailers. Comparing to other countries we still back in internet usage and face connectivity issues which leads to affect ecommerce businesses.

Next, it comes to payment option, majority people prefer to go for cash on delivery and avoid other electronic payment option for safe payment. Similarly when the product is not satisfactory then customer go for replacing it which in turn affects online retailer’s revenue as well as their business image. Logistics and deliveries are again the big challenge faced by online retailers. Above all the safety and security concerns are yet another big issue continuously faced by e-traders.

The days are not far, ecommerce Industry will overcome all these issues and will stand as a successful Industry.


Comment by  Madhuranjani   Updated on 07-10-2015
"In this Contemporary world,E-commerce plays a major role among people for buying their needs easily without any struggle."
Comment by  chandru sharma   Updated on 07-10-2015
"Now a days E commerce is the most challenges one and also more helpful to users to buying a things and moreover having very security payment options for it"
Comment by  Radha   Updated on 07-10-2015
"As ecommerce trend is now much prevalent among buyers and sellers. Challenges are arising from other side of ecommerce trend and retailers should be prepared to face the challenge."
Comment by  Shiny   Updated on 07-10-2015
"Excellent Blog..........Every business need to face challenges and overcome certain things in order to succeed in their venture. Ecommerce being a fast growing sector need to be aware of these challenges and work accordingly."