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Contextual Shopping

Updated On:13-January-2016

Many E-commerce companies have emerged as people prefer to shop online in this technology prone world. New E-commerce trends have been portrayed in this New Year 2016 with the changing technology aspects. E-commerce players are implementing new techniques for attracting the customers and making them to buy the products. Contextual shopping is one such new trend in E-commerce that is going to be followed for making the shopping experience more delightful.

Personalization which has been used by E-commerce sites earlier is going to be replaced with Context based shopping. In this you can get relevant information needed to make your purchase decision without registering with the website. It is a customer- centric approach that exhibits right content at the right time according to the customer’s preference. It enables the brands to trace journey of customer and predict their needs.

Contextual shopping gives a wonderful shopping experience by taking away the difficulties faced by online shoppers. It tracks the habits of the user in order to know their needs and wants. When a customer needs a particular information or product, this will deliver to them. As people expect relevant information to come in their way, the future of E-commerce will rely on the Context based shopping experience.