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Characteristics of E-commerce

Updated On:07-April-2015

Ecommerce is getting great attention among businesses and consumers all over the world. The Industry has all potential that give prosperous to their future endeavors. Ecommerce has changed our lifestyle and with its existence today we are enjoying everything at our doorsteps. It is a platform where the business transactions are carried over the internet without much time barrier.

Ecommerce is important in business market and it establishes business to business relationship. It enables easy exchange of information online and enables easy transactions within short span of time. Through this mode of business we can easily make online payments. It is the cheapest mode for doing business as it reduces the cost of promotion and other services and save much of our time. It provides better connectivity as it can be accessed virtually through internet and is much convenient to customers as they can log on to the internet from anywhere anytime and can buy and sell the products at a single click.

Today many businessmen move their business online as there is no entry barrier in case of ecommerce businesses and ensure profitability. In this way the online business gives interactive and user friendly service to its users. This incredible service has made the industry to reach its high peak. In order to survive and stay in this competitive and changing market we should opt to ecommerce.


Comment by  Shalini   Updated on 16-09-2015
"Good description..."
Comment by  chandru sharma   Updated on 22-08-2015
"Nice article...this is more help for e commerce users and online shoppers"