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5 Latest E-Commerce Technology Trends

Updated On:20-August-2016

E-commerce business operations can be quite challenging if enterprises fail to keep up to the constantly increasing expectations of consumers. If you have the same tale to tell then its time for you to adopt these latest e-commerce trends:

1. User-centric Approach

Businesses should restructure their marketers to fully understand consumer intent and prioritize their spend to help them understand how consumers are moving across devices, platforms and publishers to consume information. They should also shift from intrusive ads to relevant ads and personalized content generated by ‘Internet of Things’. In other words, people-focused marketing must be the approach to achieve genuine consumer engagement and higher conversion.

2. Big data and predictive analysis

Enterprises are increasingly using beacons and chat bots to drive in-store sells. Also they should learn to capture and use this IoT-generated data to get a better insight into customer buying behavior. This knowledge in turn can be used in digital advertising to meet their goals in terms of user engagement.

3. Mobile commerce

As an increasing share of transactions happens on smartphones, its crucial that retailers prioritize their mobile app strategy and optimize their mobile buying experience. Mobile is now the first point of interaction for consumers as smartphones with bigger screens make shopping more convenient. Therefore, offering a mobile-optimized website and integrating loyalty and rewards with mobile payments convert more sales.

4. Omni-commerce strategy

Omni channel retail is about sustaining a coherent experience for your customers across all of your outlets. As retailers invest in technologies like beacons and loyalty programs at the point of sale, they must make sure that have the expertise and resources in place to manage customer interaction in real-time.

5. Instant Shipping is the new normal

Offering same-day delivery or even faster is not just a priority for retailers but a competitive advantage. This trend in turn has driven a lot of advertisers to adopt the in the moment style of advertising to drive conversions.

So it is high time for you to shun all the traditional strategies and go digital with heaps of technology within your reach.

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